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Colonial Lady/Caty Greene
Photo by Molly Pitcher Studios

Civilians on both sides of the War for American Independence deserve recognition and representation. As a member of the New Jersey Light Infantry, Carin portrays a camp follower of a brigade of the Continental Army. She is also a member of Major Cochrane's Coy Light Infantry, a brigade of the legion of King George III. Carin can speak about the women who would have followed either sides' soldiery into battle.

Carin maintains first-person impressions on both sides of the battle lines as well. She portrays Margaret Chesney, an Irish-American loyalist, and wife of a militia captain. She also portrays Catharine Littlefield Greene, wife of General Nathanael Greene, who commanded the Southern Army at the behest of General George Washington. Caty was present at winter encampments like Valley Forge and Morristown, as well as at the liberation of Charleston, SC.

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Southeast Native American

Trained by the Mvscogee/Creek interpreters at Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka, AL, Carin is familiar with the history of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Southeast region of the United States. Along with Creek interpretation, Carin is also able to interpret Cherokee material culture.

Though she is early in her research stages, if you have a desire for a first-person interpretation, Carin is creating both a Creek and a Cherokee impression. Sophie McGillivray, sister to Alexander McGillivray of the Lower Creek, and Nanye'hi (Nancy Ward) of the Cherokee will both be available for booking - please be in touch for more information and further details.

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Lady Sibyl
19th Century Fortune Teller

Lady Sibyl is a tarot reader and a cartomancy practitioner. She uses the Minchiate Tarot Deck, an historically appropriate deck for the Regency Era. The deck is a 96-card expanded deck that is complex, and provides more in-depth readings than a standard, modern 78-card deck. Carin really reads the cards, with her Minchiate card book as a guide. Cartomancy is another real, though more generalized offering, and palmistry is in the works.

Employing a Soothsayer/fortune teller for balls, seances, and evenings of entertainment was popular among the higher social classes in Europe and America in the early 19th century. Lady Sibyl is available to entertain and delight your evening of frivolity.

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A Sailor's Life For Me

Drawing on her knowledge of Age-of-Sail history, Carin portrays two primary seafaring impressions - infamous pirate Mary Read, and a late-18th/early-19th century sailor in the British Royal Navy; an Irishman by the name of Billy Creighton. Mary Read stands on her own, an interpretation that can potentially include Captain "Calico Jack" Rackham, with history and myth/legend about the Golden Age of Piracy. Billy Creighton is part of the crew aboard the HMS Acasta, a living history group that portrays a modern interpretation of the real, historic Acastas. HMS Acasta had a lengthy career in the British Royal Navy, from the American Revolution through the Napoleonic Wars. Billy is a composite sketch of a sailor from Northern Ireland with background at a Royal Navy training school, skill at the helm, chantey-singing duties, and as an accomplished mess cook.

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